Visual Math For Java 2.1

            	Dr. Weiguang Huang
	124 Eastern Avenue, Kingsford, Sydney, NSW 2032, Australia
	Phone: (61 2) 96620516,

It is online symbolic math and computer algebra system, powered by SymbMath.

	It can perform exact, numeric, symbolic and graphic 
computation, e.g. arbitrary-precision calculation, solve 
equation, plot data and user-defined functions, linear regression, 
symbolic differentation and integration.

	For calculation, users type expressions into the Input panel
or double click on the Function panel, then click the Exact menu for 
exact computation, or click the Numeric menu for numeric computation,
or click the Symbolic menu to run SymbMath engine. If symbolic 
integration fails when you click the Exact menu, you should click
the Symbolic menu to run SymbMath engine to get more power.

	For evaluation of a function exp(x), first input exp(x) into the 
Input panel, then input the x value into the "x=" field, finally click 
the Numeric menu to get the function value.

	For solving an equation exp(x)=0, type the left side of the 
equation exp(x) into the y field, click on the "Solve" menu to get 
a solution at the "x=" field.

	For plotting functions, click on the "y", "Zoom In" 
or "Zoom Out" menu under the Graph menu.

	For plotting data, click the Import Data menu to import data 
file. You can fit any function to data by comparing data and function
curves. Click the Linear Fit menu for linear regression.

	Find coordinates by clicking, input the initial value to 
the "x=" field by double-clicking, or zoom by drag, on graphics. 

	You can copy-and-paste the text field from and to your document 
by right-button clicking on the text field to pop-up menu. For second 
way of copy-and-paste, first select the text, then key in Ctrl+C (i.e. 
press the Ctrl key and the C key at the same time), then point to where 
you want to paste, and finally key in Ctrl+V (i.e. press the Ctrl key 
and the V key at the same time).

	If you seen it online, it can run offline in your computer. 
Public version cannot read trig functions. You need a password to logon 
under the Help menu to activate trig functions.

	For security reason, Open and Save files, and Print work only 
when it runs as local application. Its SymbMath engine works only when
it runs in Microsoft Window. Please read SymbMath manual SymbMath.doc.

	It is all of Java applet, Java application and Window 
application. Run VisualMath.html as Java applet, run VisualMath.bat as 
Java application, or run VisualMath.exe as Window application.